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VIP Interiors


Airbus Corporate Jet Authorized Completion Center

Boeing Business Jet Authorized Completion Center

Authorized Major Alterations & MX (FAA Repair Station 2CXR457)

  • Boeing 737 / 757 / 767
  • Airbus A318 / A319 / A320 / A321

FAA Part-145 Approved

EASA Approved Part-145 (Foreign EASA 145 - EASA.145.0746 (First in the USA)

Saudi (GACA) Approved Part 145

Bermuda (BDA) Approved Part 145

Cayman Islands Approved Part 145

Korean (MOLIT) Approved Part 145

Kazakhstan (KCAC) Approved Part 145

Aruba Approved EASA Part 145


Cabin Design

Design through completion of an aircraft requires a clear vision and understanding of the project when technical, artistic and managing skills are involved. Comlux Completion developed its own VIP cabin design office “Comlux Creatives”, which has integrated all those competencies within its team of designers. Each customer is unique and for each single project, the design team is using the “5 Senses concept” which is the most personalized way to understand the client expectations and to re-create them inside the cabin.


With a strong portfolio of successfully completed projects, Comlux Completion can share their unique ability to create highly personalized VIP cabin interiors and convert customers’ flying needs into reality.

Beyond the excellent quality of each cabin delivered by Comlux Completion, our teams have also achieved:

  • All cabins delivered on schedule
  • All cabins completed to date have exceeded their weight specification allowing better range performance or the ability to carry more payload
  • All cabins delivered to date have exceeded the noise levels which allows a peaceful environment for the passengers.

Completion Completion video: A BBJ is born