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Wildlife & safari

Walk on the wild side

A wildlife vacation or safari is the perfect way to reconnect with nature whether you’re trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda, or heading deep into the indian jungle in search of the Bengal tiger.

From hot and humid rain forests to cooler mountain climes, you can explore a complete ecosystem of wildlife and vegetation bursting into life.

Rise with the sun, spend your days traversing these amazing landscapes and fall asleep to the sounds of the bush...

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Your own private travel

When you choose our Comlux fleet to reach your most wanted holiday destination, you benefit from a unique luxury travel experience:

Travel with all your family members & guests around you
Access to exotic destinations non-stop
Fly according to your schedule
Appreciate a truly personalized service onboard

Peace of Mind

Travelling with our exclusive fleet of private jets elevates your journey’ experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

The level of convenience, comfort, privacy and flexibility makes your travel peaceful and unforgettable.

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