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Innovation & Research

Since 2012, Comlux Completion has undertaken its own innovation and research center in house. With Luxury at the root of everything we Engineer, Comlux completion can propose a full range of custom made cabin solutions improve passenger comfort or experience without compromising aircraft performance.

Thanks to many local engineering universities including Purdue University, IUPUI, Notre Dame, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, located near or located in Indianapolis, Comlux Completion is benefiting from a pool of young and creative aeronautical engineers that have demonstrated their skills in the research and technological fields.

Cabin comfort

Comlux engineers are developing solutions to make each flight more comfortable for the VIP passengers. Our innovative solutions include

  • Custom made ultra-silent air conditioning and humidification system to balance cabin within a ±1⁰C tolerance.
  • New smooth pocket door mechanism to separate VIP rooms with simple adjustments and ease of maintenance and adjustment with greatly reduced part count from other commercially available solutions.
  • Equipment cooling via proprietary jet pump solution to eliminate power consumption and cooling fan failure modes.
  • Slow close, slam proof, stay open hinge less stowage lids devoid of any visible hardware or stays and fully customizable by storage compartment design detail.
  • Integrated Smart Environment Control Systems technology that allows cabin balancing and adjustments without costly iterative orificing and measurement. Reduces testing by 2 weeks and future proofs cabin for changes in configuration.
  • Invisible, self-aligning and tools deco panel installation techniques that will not degrade over time. Adds ease of maintained by removing sensitivity of alignment and adjustments are re-installation without deteriorating during the service life that could lead to a separation or drop event in service.
  • FDM for various certified proprietary components of the engineered cabin systems; reducing weight, costly tooling and time to install.
  • Parametric electrical design engineering system allowing multiple users to work simultaneously on system architecture while providing for instantaneous hook-up report, wire lists, or equipment lists all filtered by systems and/or LOPA zone with output in ATA complaint format for automated WDM Supplement generation.
  • Proprietary potable water performance analysis tools that enables early critical system configuration decisions by the client to ensure passenger amenity and range are not compromised as a consequence of the other.
  • Various custom mechanisms including converting low height cabinet to a full height functional desk top and one that converts a side ledge cabinet into a full flat bed.
  • Proprietary pocket door latch that separates to support decompression venting requirements while as well providing for override, lock out and flight deck indication.

Weight and performance

Weight affects tremendously the aircraft range and cost performance. When critical routes are requested by the customers, Comlux Completion leverages a customized weight saving program solutions including:

  • New insulation material combinations engineering to the unique frequency spectrum of each individual LOPA compartment tuned to meet the completion specification exactly to ensure optimum range to target ratios.
  • Lighter air conditioning system.
  • Real time weight control throughout the cabin build through a bar code and monitoring program administered through the Quality Control Organization. Nothing goes on or off eth aircraft without weighing and monitor including drops from harness terminations.
  • Integrated and highly refined floor structure 16G solutions, all individually tailored to meet each requirement. No solution is the same, the culture to optimize performance versus leveraging previous solutions.
  • External livery specifications to ensure mission and aesthetics are perfectly balanced.

Entertainment and connectivity

Comlux technical experts are working on the integration of the latest technologies available on the market. Our latest developments include:

  • HD Streaming to 20+ personal devices.
  • Bandwidth management solutions.
  • OLED screen integration
  • Custom AVOD solutions.
  • CMS solutions to include wireless control of cabin temperature, lighting, shades, seats, tables, doors and hidden monitors.
  • Custom GUI and Control Architecture to meet the specific tastes of the end client.