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Scott Meyer

EVP Business Development

Scott Meyer started his career in aviation over 27 years ago, with a focus on VIP aircraft interior modifications. Prior to coming onboard with Comlux, Scott was Managing Director of Engineering for Live TV LLC/JetBlue where internally developed and certified IFE STCs installed to Part 121 Operator fleets. Scott’s background includes engineering, certification, project management and advanced composite materials R&D at all levels of engineering and program leadership with the interior completions industry. Scott started his professional career in the space and defense industry as Solid Rocket Motor R&D Specialist for large military contractors and as a NASA Engineer.

Scott has been with Comlux America almost since the inception of the company. He started his career at Comlux in early 2009 and he was the 2nd management individual recruited during the establishment of the company. Scott was an integral part of the development of Comlux from the ground up, taking on roles of everything from working as a recruiter and salesman for the company, to managing employees in all areas of the business as they came in. Ultimately, in his first role of VP Engineering, Scott created and developed the engineering department of the company.

In 2011 he was promoted to VP Operations , then COO in early 2014 and he served as CEO of Cmlux Completion from April 2015 to December 2018.

In January 2019, Scott moves to Comlux Group level and is appointed Executive Vice President Business Development.

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Languages: English
Hobbies: Snow & Water Skiing, Wake Surfing, Motorcycles, Personal Fitness, Beer & Saucisson
Location: Indianapolis, US
Direct Line: +1 317 247 2043
Mobile: +1 727 244 5465