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Angelica Vartanyan

VP Sales

Angelica holds a Masters degree with honours from the State University of Management in Moscow where she started with Comlux Russia back in 2004. The scope of her responsibilities varied from business administration to charter sales & marketing which further in her career that brought her to Switzerland in 2009 developed into aircraft management, aircraft exploitation costs supervision & audit as well as business intelligence.

Angelica re-joined Comlux in January 2017 and is a Vice-President Sales being part of the aircraft sales team in Comlux Transactions.

More about Angelica
Languages: Russian, English, German (B2)
Hobbies: Classical dance, natural sciences, art & design
Location: Zurich
Direct Line: +41 44 205 50 70
Mobile: +41 75 438 01 64
Region: Worldwide