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Jordan Smith

Marketing and Communication

Jordan Smith graduated from the school of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), from which she holds an Associate of Science.

While studying interior design, Jordan was awarded an opportunity to begin her career in marketing in 2015. As a well-established Indianapolis local, Smith began as a Brand Ambassador and Marketing Representative. Through these roles, she focused on representing brands as a means to generate sales opportunities, build on customer preferences, develop brand awareness, and establish positive relationships with local businesses and organizations.

In 2018, Jordan joined the Comlux Completion team, where she supported the Interior Design Department for 3 years. One year into this role, she began backing the Marketing team and has since shifted entirely into Marketing and Communications.

Throughout her career, Smith has grown by establishing partnerships with like-minded organizations. She specializes in developing brand awareness, communication, client relations, building community, and sustainability.

More about Jordan
Languages: English
Hobbies: Writing, Yoga, Traveling, Hiking, Kayaking
Location: Indianapolis, IN (US)
Direct Line: +1-472-7370 ext. 1145