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Operational Services

Sub-Charter Sourcing

Comlux has a its own charter sales team located around the world and available 24/7. Thanks to our strong network within the business jet owners & operators community, we can provide our customers with the most suitable aircraft charter solution for any travel needs.

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Airworthiness Management

Comlux has its own in-house Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) team of experts for Airbus and Boeing jets. With 50% of our fleet composed of bizliners, we have gained unrivalled experience in management of all airworthiness regulations.

Warranty Claim Management

Comlux has a long-standing relationship with many manufacturers and will support you for any kind of warranty administration matters promptly and effectively.

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Ferry Flight Organization

Comlux has completed over 70 transactions on behalf of its customers, including aircraft deliveries and transfers to completion facilities. We have a wide experience in managing the organization of ferry flights around the world, from crew provisioning and coordination to operations management.

Fuel Sourcing/Management

Thanks to our large fleet of bizliners and wide body aircraft that are constantly flying, we can negotiate advantageous bulk-order discounts with various global fuel providers.

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Sourcing of Ground Handling Services

Comlux manages a fleet of aircraft with bases ranging from South America to Asia. Our global reach allows us to liaise with major FBO and handling providers to obtain preferred rates around the world.


Comlux has launched the construction of a hangar in Dubai DWC Airport for maintenance and aircraft hangarage. The facility will enter in service at the end of 2023. Our fleet is based around the world and we can advise current hangarage rates and best hangar options and availabilities to our customers for secure parking of their asset.

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Flight Dispatch

Comlux Aviation operations control centre has the capability to offer flight dispatching, operations control, and flight tracking services on a 24/7/365 basis.

Crew Control

The Comlux crew control team has extensive experience in many capabilities. These activities include managing crew rosters, managing crew travel (including travel and hotel), managing flight and duty-time limitations, training record management, crew visa management, and as of late the COVID-19 crew travel restriction analysis and coordination.

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Insurance Handling

Comlux has the right expertise and experience to help you find the best insurance solutions for your assets and risk exposures, supported by high security rated global insurers.