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About Comlux Transaction

Selling or buying an aircraft requires technical, commercial, contractual and legal skills. Comlux Transactions has integrated all such skills within a team of professionals accounting numerous years of experience in business aviation.

If you wish to acquire a new VIP aircraft or sell your current one, Comlux Transactions will help you to find best aircraft adapted to your needs and budget requirements or to sell your asset within the shortest period and at the right price.

Since 2008, we have developed an extremely strong network within the business aviation community including end-users, aircraft manufacturers, operators and brokers.

Our solid knowledge of the market allows us to evaluate your asset and to market it on your behalf among the most valuable platforms and markets networks

On top of contractual matters, Comlux Transactions has built a solid expertise in legal support and aircraft financing, together with a long-lasting relationship with major financing institutions such as Credit Suisse and UBS.

We can coordinate the entire aircraft project with your advisors, financiers and local counsels.

Comlux Transactions is not just another broker, but offers multiple ad-hoc services to provide unique turnkey solutions to its customers:

  • Access to aircraft financing
  • Demo flights
  • Pre-buy inspections
  • Bridging checks
  • VIP cabin refurbishment
  • Cabin systems upgrades
  • Interim charter aircraft
  • Ferry flights
  • CAMO Services
  • Aircraft operations
  • Engine/Airframe maintenance packages

Comlux Transactions has achieved over 60 transactions up to date including 60% on bizjets such as Airbus ACJ or the Boeing BBJ family.