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ACJ TwoTwenty: Reimagine your place in the sky...

For more information about ACJ x Comlux partnership on ACJ TwoTwenty, please contact

ACJ220 Reveal Modern - MEDIA Lounge.jpg

ACJ x Comlux

The ACJ TwoTwenty is the all-new business jet program launched by ACJ in exclusive partnership with Comlux. While the jet platform is the Airbus A220-100 and the cabin is designed by ACJ Head of Design Sylvain Mariat, the interiors of the ACJ TwoTwenty will be completed by Comlux Completion in Indianapolis.

The cabins will feature a full range of quality crafted furnishing options and the latest standards in terms of connectivity and technology on board. Besides the collaboration on the completion side, Comlux has also brought its knowledge and expertise to the program as a worldwide VIP operator of large business jets and bizliners.

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The Xtra Large Business Jet

Inspired by VIP customers’ needs and values, the ACJ TwoTwenty provides discerned passengers with outstanding personal space, modern luxury and long haul performance, at the price range of a business jet. The aircraft combines harmoniously personal space and innovation at the heart of its cabin interior, to create the perfect synergy between comfort and functionality. Comlux is also a launch customer of ACJ TwoTwenty with 2 aircraft orders, including the ACJ TwoTwenty future demonstrator. The first aircraft will enter into service as soon as early 2023. It will bring a new dimension to the business jet world, allowing up to 18 passengers to travel in complete comfort and luxury on long-range flights of more than 12.5 hours non-stop.

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