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Comlux is a licensed BBJ completion center approved by Boeing since 2010, but also a BBJ Warranty and repair Center since 2015. These approvals granted by the manufacturer demonstrate our ability to develop top quality completions on BBJ and BBJ MAX aircraft and to ensure the most efficient and reliable in-service outfitting support after aircraft delivery.

Comlux has a specific line of business focused on custom VIP Cabins. Employing the latest technologies combined with fine craftsmanship, Comlux exceeds all expectations by creating a complete experience in terms of aesthetic and sensory quality while ensuring the mission is maintained.


Having successfully performed the first BBJ MAX 8 completion ever, Comlux has acquired all the specific knowhow for this aircraft and is uniquely positioned to work on any further BBJ and BBJ MAX program. Today, no other completion center in the US has completed and certified a BBJ MAX aircraft except Comlux, giving us a competitive edge and providing comfort to clients that all the model specific elements have been worked out already and are taken care off, resulting in a robust and solid product with certainty on schedule and quality.

We employ a near paperless design concept that allows us to optimize the cabin prior to installation. Beginning with digital modeling, we transition to full scale mock-up and testing prior to final integration. This ensures the integration is efficient and final product is of the highest first-time quality.

Comlux Completion differs from the competition in that we are not just a third party completion center, but the main technology center for an international aircraft company. Leveraging the knowledge and knowhow from our aircraft management and operational divisions, we are constantly able to refine our product based on real aircraft experience and knowhow.

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Comlux Completion has established itself as one of the most unique and modern completion & service centers in the world for BBJ aircraft due to the following:

- Comlux Completion is the first and only completion center in the United States to complete a BBJMax8

- have provided first class service to over 35 BBJ owners and operators including six full completions

- have delivered all BBJs underweight and withing specified cabin noise requirements