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Comlux develops new auxiliary center tank system for Airbus A321

Comlux has launched a new Forward Auxiliary Center Tank System for the Airbus A321. The new system will allow VIP operators to realize a range increase of up to 500nm (25 pax) while commercial operators can expect up to 300nm (160 pax).

In collaboration with Airbus specialists, Comlux Engineers developed this new design to complement the two existing Airbus Additional Center Tanks (ACTs). The design offers a light weight, optimized, yet cost efficient solution for the A321 platform ensuring minimized downtime for installation. The system is scheduled to be completed and ready for installation on the first ACJ321, 15 months after program initiation which corresponds to Q3 2017. As 40% of all A321s are provisioned with ACTs, there are already clear potential candidates who would benefit from this option of more range, including various major airlines.

“We have been evaluating for a while now this improvement initially for VIP customers and we decided to do it with an industrial approach which will best serve the VIP and Airline markets. Developing such kind of industrial improvement is part of our core business and Comlux America is tailored to engineer and perform the installation of these additional ACTs” stated Arnaud Martin EVP Operations at Comlux “We are grateful to Airbus for its strong support in developing this great new system for the A321 series aircraft.”

“Comlux is a well-established major-customer and operator of ACJ320 Family corporate jets, and the new auxiliary centre tank system that it has developed offers a further enhancement to the capability of the increasingly popular A321,” says Airbus Corporate Jets President Benoit Defforge.

Comlux is one of the leaders in business aviation, operating worldwide with the highest standards of safety and quality. In addition to its dedicated VIP flight service program OneAbove by comlux, Comlux offers a comprehensive set of services to VIP customers who wish to have their own aircraft managed personally and professionally. This includes exclusive aircraft management, sales and acquisitions, VIP cabin design and completion as well as aircraft maintenance and engineering services.

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