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Comlux teams with top industry designers for next generation VIP aircraft design concepts

Comlux America, the Completion and Service Center of Comlux, based in Indianapolis, IN, has teamed with 4 key industry designers to develop multiple interior design and floorplan concepts for the next generation narrow body interiors; specifically the Airbus ACJ neo and the BBJ MAX 8 aircraft. The design companies participating include Alberto Pinto Design, DesignQ, Unique Aircraft and Winch Design.

Comlux America’s goal in this initiative has been to obtain designer perspectives and concepts to capture the different cultures, styles and tastes of potential VIP customers. Specifically, each designer was required to develop unique rendering concepts for the Neo and MAX 8, each with unique materials, styles and concepts. Once these developments are finalized, Comlux and the designers will work separately to showcase these VIP design packages and Comlux will issue the concept books to potential future customers to help promoting one another in the industry. The timeline of these concept books is on target to be ready to showcase early 2017.

“This is truly a mutually benefiting relationship, and something that has never been done before in our industry,” stated Scott Meyer CEO, Comlux America. “Comlux has a true admiration for all our industry designers and we were lucky enough to have these few key designers partner with us on this unique idea for next generation aircraft,” continued Meyer. “Comlux recognizes that every client has different tastes and styles; therefore by partnering with these 4 design companies and working together in this unique way, both Comlux and the designers can uniquely progress opportunities and prospects worldwide while fostering innovation for all clientele.”

Linda Pinto, CEO Alberto Pinto Design said” Alberto Pinto Design Paris is proud to join Comlux’s refined selection of aircraft interior designers. Comlux’s vision is not only about “comfort and luxury” (Comlux), but also completion and luxury. We thus consider this a great opportunity to introduce more people to Pinto’s interior design world. For more than 45 years, we have been dedicated to luxury residences, hotels and yachts, and since 1998, to VIP aircraft.” Yves Pickardt, head of aircraft interiors added: “The synergy between one of the best completion centers and one of the best interior design agencies will, without a doubt, usher in a new era in VIP aviation.”

Howard Guy, CEO DesignQ said “Design Q is excited about the partnership with Comlux on their Airbus ACJ neo and the BBJ MAX 8 aircraft programs. With Comlux’s capabilities and Design Q’s vision of the best customer experience, together we can lift the design signature of an aircraft to suit the exact needs of each VIP customer.” He added: “Design Q focus on invention and excellence so it will be great to see some revolution and surprise in these great aircraft! “

Warja Borges, Owner Unique Aircraft said “Unique Aircraft is excited to be part of this forward-looking and customer-oriented program initiated by Comlux. The presentation book will be a beautiful tool to show the interior capabilities and options of customization for the next generation of narrow body aircraft. For this book in particular I designed various VIP cabin interior looks to inspire the customers to create their own Unique Aircraft.”

Jim Dixon, Head of Aviation Winch Design said “The next generation NEO and MAX aircraft represent a fantastic opportunity for owners to be at the forefront of VIP aviation. With the wealth of Comlux expertise, Winch Design will go beyond buyer’s expectations in creating unique designs with a very personal signature.”

Comlux is one of the leaders in business aviation, operating worldwide with the highest standards of safety and quality. In addition to its dedicated VIP flight service program OneAbove by comlux, Comlux offers a comprehensive set of services to VIP customers who wish to have their own aircraft managed personally and professionally. This includes exclusive aircraft management, sales and acquisitions, VIP cabin design and completion as well as aircraft maintenance and engineering services.

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